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Managing an Educational Organization has Always been Challenging : Now Made it very easy with Skolaro School Management Software

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Get Student Information Just with One Click by School Management Software ERP

It is totally understand that each and every parent and teachers wants to timely track student's development and academic growth. Likewise schools now a days find it complex for managing organization’s administration, daily to daily basic activities and monitor a child's progress all in one go. Hence the need for school management software ERP that can manage all for you and the school jumped up! 

Skolaro developed by our technical smart team by keeping in mind the numerous activities and curriculum responsibilities which require proper monitoring and carried out with planning. The control of interrelated systems lies with the school but at the same time brings together all along with the school administration.

Each and every institution has been implemented school management system which automates activities transparent and regularly monitored.

It is completely web based school ERP software which is purely powerful and operative online community platform for taking closer p…

Skolaro is Now a Worldwide Used School Management System with 50+ Applications

Skolaro is worldwide used and preferred school management system which mainly deals in delivering premium technical excellence with various customized models for completing to modern and  browsing needs of any sort of national and international schools. It is known that managing educational institute has become harder with each day. So this automated ERP can be easily accessed with smart phones and it can manage data at one place from cloud based server.

Smart Mobile Applications for Students and Teachers

Mobile Apps are of great use for teachers, students and parents which successfully makes learning more bit fun because of the fact that for bringing the concept of gamification and also acts as cloud based platform where high-quality content is delivered on a smart app, and entire users can access it anytime 24*7. School ERP serving for first quality services with IOS and android app for finishing defined strategic goals and keeps each and every single user satisfied & informed w…

School Management Software by Skolaro - Cloud ERP for Next Generation Smart Schools

Skolaro – India’s Leading School Management ERP System for Academic Session 2019

Skolaro School Management System is a powerful, user-friendly platform which is being preferred by all over country for fully automating and executing academic and administration related activities. Check out unique featured offered by ERP:

Online Application form Submission

•    Registrations & Transport Integration
•    Registrations & Fee Integration
•    Multiples Levels of form status
•    (Form Incomplete, Form Submitted, Admission Invite, etc..)
•    Admission Allocation & Dropout Process

Student Management

•    Maintains student record such as students address, personal, family details etc
•    Capture student health and medical record
•    Captures siblings details
•    Configure Transfer Certificate
•    Records historical data of all the previous academic years
•    Configure Roll Number pattern
•    Configure Character Certificate
•    Configure Student Id Card
•    Can store all student documents

Student Attendance Management

•    Teacher can mark daily attendan…

Tips to Increasing Your Institute’s Reputation with Skolaro

Skolaro is fully web and mobile based online school management platform which is cloud based and that successfully brings parents, students and teachers at one single place which helps organization for adding extra value to education. This particular school ERP software is available best educational mobile apps for schools and developed in such a unique way for reforming education in very sphere by this means helping schools in raising better kids with prospective future.

This school ERP system is an integrated compact package and multipurpose solution which excellently  supports for increasing working efficiency and daily to daily productivity of the departments such as academics, assessments, admissions, accounting, budgeting, financial, communicative, events, alumni and many more in many folds to meet the custom requirements of all the departments.

Along with these internal activities these application  will also regularly updates the parents, students, teachers and staff for late…

Note Able to Increase Revenue for Your Institute: Implement Skolaro School Management System Now

ERP software for schools is multipurpose and fully dedicated cloud software with comprehensive, advanced and powerful user-friendly interface which is being used by hundreds of educational institutions national and inter nationally. Along with the passage of time, new, smart and modern technologies such as in Skolaro school management system are taking place of ancient traditional environment for handling important and much needed data. Hence it becomes very important for an educational organization to cope successfully with entire data and work in a proficient way in order to save time, resources and money.

Moreover now days it becomes very difficult to manage each and every single individual student statement. But by Skolaro School ERP System it is very simple to get platform which is 24*7 accessible and easy to use and automates possible activities such as student registration, admission, enrollment, fees collection, assessment evaluation, academic performance calculation, assign…