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Skolaro A Better Way to Manage Finance with Best School Accounting Software

Skolaro is designed for all type of schools for providing a good financial edge with Student Billing offers fast, flexible reporting and the ability to customize statements. Discover the school accounting system that streamlines billing and reporting to promote efficiency and accountability throughout your financial processes with Skolaro school accounting software.

Main Features of Skolaro: Real-time access to all type of financial data  All-time 24/7 access to financial information such as monetary, bills payments, receivables, inventory and costing.  Automatic calculation of depreciation for permanent assets.  Proper functionality to all vendors for finalizing purchase order anytime, anywhere.  Cope up with funding and procurement commendably.  Reduce costs & increase profitability.  Confirm about for full security, confidentiality & control over dataTimely and reliable maintenance at regular time of intervals  Guaranteed compliance with regulatory mandates.  Remove duplicat…

Flexible School Admission Management Software for Full Control over Student Registration Anywhere, Anytime !

Now it’s time to automate and modernize the overall admission process from start to finish finding, engaging and enrolling the correct students for your institution. Skolaro is a complete and smart fully protected cloud-enabled School Admission Management Software.
Registration and enrollments application is a part of suite of the ERP application designed for automating the complex Registration and enrollment functions happening across all courses in an institute in the enrollments season. The application facilitates the user in digitizing the enrollment process, configuring the enrollment related rules and effectively documenting the details of the applicants and the students selected for enrollment in the enrollment season. 

 The application also helps the user in scheduling and capturing applicant’s performance in the enrollment related rounds including enrollment tests and interviews. Enrollment through Registration and enrollment application consists of a wide array of configu…