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Skolaro A Better Way to Manage Finance with Best School Accounting Software

Skolaro is designed for all type of schools for providing a good financial edge with Student Billing offers fast, flexible reporting and the ability to customize statements. Discover the school accounting system that streamlines billing and reporting to promote efficiency and accountability throughout your financial processes with Skolaro school accounting software.

Main Features of Skolaro:
  • Real-time access to all type of financial data  
  • All-time 24/7 access to financial information such as monetary, bills payments, receivables, inventory and costing.  
  • Automatic calculation of depreciation for permanent assets.  
  • Proper functionality to all vendors for finalizing purchase order anytime, anywhere.  
  • Cope up with funding and procurement commendably.  
  • Reduce costs & increase profitability.  
  • Confirm about for full security, confidentiality & control over data
  • Timely and reliable maintenance at regular time of intervals  
  • Guaranteed compliance with regulatory mandates.  
  • Remove duplicate data entry problem.  
  • Full prevention to fraud case  
  • Reallocate resources and decrease staff workload.  
  • Minimize costs & Maximize profitability  
  • Enhanced cash management.  
  • User-friendly screens and one-click processing
  • Out-of-the-box reports at your fingertips
  • Easily address family and tuition situations
  • Integrated with The Education Edge and The Raiser's Edge
SMS Gateway Integration:
Application Platform currently integrates with a number of SMS gateways and also system is pluggable and allows integration with any SMS gateway of choice. SMS Gateway Integration involves following steps:

● Need access to SMS gateway technical documentation, which should describe the integration steps.
● Need credentials and details about parameters that are required to enable the integration.

● Need access to sandbox or test environment, which will be used, for testing the integration with credits.
● Need access to the SMS gateway console, which will be used to verify status of the test SMS transactions.
●If templates are used, need to define SMS templates.

Application Platform Integration:
The system provides a lightweight and modular set of web services or APIs that enable integration with other systems. The application platform has been developed using open standard technology architecture and supports standard protocols for interoperability and integration.

 Dynamic Reporting:
Skolaro as a platform is architect-ed to store data that is punched in by users across all applications. Dynamic reporting is a simple to use application that enables users to create custom reports across all applications by hand-picking variables for which a custom kind of a report might be required for immediate and future reference.

Dynamic Reporting Application allows users to create reports that may consist of the parameters or data points used across any application - using a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality for defining report components, filtration parameters amongst many other features with best school accounting software.

Exclusive dashboards will be provided which will have the critical data, which they monitor on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The dashboards will be different for different user depending on what the user needs to see with this premium school financial management system, . The dashboard will have the following features

➔        Real Time Graphs

➔        Trends & Analysis

➔        Daily/ weekly/ monthly Alerts

➔        Pending / Upcoming Tasks

➔        Customized report as asked by the department from time to time.

Centralized Interface:

With centralized data hosted in a secure cloud connecting all Schools/colleges and officials the users can access the web based system anytime, anywhere through any device or interface by the authorized users which will contain all information

Online Feedback and Support:

The users have this facility of providing any feedback or if they have any support issue while using the modules can directly write to us and we shall respond with a solution within the agreed time frame.

Want to see live demo for school finance software contact now and remain stress free for managing all financial activities


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