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Note Able to Increase Revenue for Your Institute: Implement Skolaro School Management System Now

ERP software for schools is multipurpose and fully dedicated cloud software with comprehensive, advanced and powerful user-friendly interface which is being used by hundreds of educational institutions national and inter nationally. Along with the passage of time, new, smart and modern technologies such as in Skolaro school management system are taking place of ancient traditional environment for handling important and much needed data. Hence it becomes very important for an educational organization to cope successfully with entire data and work in a proficient way in order to save time, resources and money.

Moreover now days it becomes very difficult to manage each and every single individual student statement. But by Skolaro School ERP System it is very simple to get platform which is 24*7 accessible and easy to use and automates possible activities such as student registration, admission, enrollment, fees collection, assessment evaluation, academic performance calculation, assign…

A Guide About Traditional Vs Digital Learning

Heraclitus quote ‘The only thing that is constant is change’ is so apt for ‘technology’ today. It is accelerating at the speed of light…..what was the norm yesterday is obsolete today!! Where does that leave a poor man like you and me? The main aim of a common man is how to lead a comfortable livelihood and fulfil the needs of his family. Educating his children for a better future is every man’s dream. One question that will continue to be asked for years is - Which is better- technology or traditional tools for learning? There are no definitive answers to this but only arguments.

Our parents would vouch for an abacus, paper, pencil, chalkboard etc as the most effective way of learning. Children these days are born not with a silver spoon in their mouth but with tablets and smartphones in their hands. There is no denying that today’s generation is a digital native and it has become an integral part of their lifestyle.

Children have an inherent ability to learn and technology in educa…