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Flexible School Admission Management Software for Full Control over Student Registration Anywhere, Anytime !

Now it’s time to automate and modernize the overall admission process from start to finish finding, engaging and enrolling the correct students for your institution. Skolaro is a complete and smart fully protected cloud-enabled School Admission Management Software.

Registration and enrollments application is a part of suite of the ERP application designed for automating the complex Registration and enrollment functions happening across all courses in an institute in the enrollments season. The application facilitates the user in digitizing the enrollment process, configuring the enrollment related rules and effectively documenting the details of the applicants and the students selected for enrollment in the enrollment season. 

 The application also helps the user in scheduling and capturing applicant’s performance in the enrollment related rounds including enrollment tests and interviews. Enrollment through Registration and enrollment application consists of a wide array of configurations that allow it to mold absolutely as per the enrollment process of the respective institute 

Skolaro admission management system is fundamentally designed for the administrative and enrollments department of the institute but is also available for the institute trustees and admins to get a bird’s eye view of the serious enrollment functions via elaborate widgets and reports.
 The application can also be protracted to parents enabling them to apply, pay for the enrollment form and registration fee through internet banking and remain informed on the latest state of their ward’s enrollment status in the institute. 

 In addition to the enrollment process for the new courses the application is also extended to manage the complex process of creating activities for the existing institute students and managing the enrollments and the fee management for the same.

Main Functionalities of Module:
·         This application has the facility to capture student details during admission to college/university
·         Application allows verification, validation and approval of received applications.

Roll Over Management/Enrollment Management
Roll-over Management’ application is a part of suite of the ERP application designed to roll over data in Student Management application from one academic year to the next academic year. This application not only does student data roll over but it allows shuffling, promotion and demotion of students from one academic year to the next academic year. In a similar manner, this application also supports rollover of Teachers, School Admin team and the parents who moved over to the next academic year. 

Core Competencies  of Module:
Application has an option for enrollment to next semesters/years inside the colleges. This application also allows bulk upload of student’s data into the application

Student Profile Management
The Student Management application helps to maintain all student records for a student across all the departments/programs such as student profile, parent profile, sibling details, attendance fee, heath dues etc. Once a student is admitted in a program/department, the student details are transferred to Student Management application. in It also provides customized certificates and reports. Besides this it enables administrators to customize what information they manage and track for students. Beyond this it provides numerous reports for college to be able to obtain information in the form they desire for the right people in the college.

Application has functionality to enter the student’s personal, qualification and other relevant details
Application has facility to enter health details like following for different stakeholders
  • ·         Height
  • ·         Blood group
  • ·         Identification Marks
  • ·         Weight

Application has facility to enter any major illness and can update details of treatment happened in the college/ university hospital.

So with Student Admission Management System now perfectly organize, schedule, personal account, all time 24*7 with all in one complete institute management software ERP with modern and latest user-friendly user interface with easy data search & reporting as per specific requirements


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