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Give Smart Edge to your Institution with Skolaro School Management Information System

Skolaro a Complete All-In-One Solution with unique innovation and a one stop solution to E- Learning

Innovation is a seed to newness, openness, speed and accuracy, if you look for these attributes majorly for your business and work-flow. Skolaro School Management Information System operates on exact same mechanism and provides you the best One Stop Solution for a hassle free experience being a user. Skolaro not only follow accuracy but constant innovation and development to get a lively and talking interface for the users. It saves your documentation at each stage and makes it go live on the applications supported by Skolaro, thus connecting you to each event in your work culture.

How excellent is it to keep a track of what has been achieved from the scratch? And so, Machine learning embedded in Skolaro is very intelligent and helps you to pull the reports in desired formats.

Integration and flexibility of applications

Integration at different levels makes Skolaro one of the wanted applications around the globe. The notifications and reminder pop ups gives it a latest touch of technology. The application has a wonderful integration with the other applications and it leaves you astounded. It creates a union between the mentors and guardians, upper level management and the backend administration, thus creating a healthy tree for all of the entities associated in terms of Education Delivery, Management System and Manpower.

Collectively we can call it a Cloud School Management System.

Skolaro provides a collaborative platform for knowledge sharing between students and teachers. It facilitates openness to knowledge within closed communities of Institutes. With regular usage of the product, an Institute can expect students, teachers and administrators to become more technology friendly and construct a knowledge repository that is strength, representing custom knowledge in the Institute.

Basic Features of School Admission Management System:
•          Handle whole registration and admission process of students for every academic year
•          Previous education details are recorded
•          Academic year wise records of students
•          Records of students whose application form are accepted or rejected
•          Maintains a unique id for all students
•          Upload and store student Photos
•          Attach and store any type of documents and data related to students
•          Customized reports generation
•          Manage student registration and admission approval for a specific classes and sections
•          Accept/reject the students based on their performance in the admission tests/interviews
•          Improve visibility of admission data and make available a ready database for reference

Important Benefits:
•          Minimized errors for admission data documentation
•          Simplified Admission Process
•          Greater visibility of Admission Data
•          Simpler Admission Process with seamless integration with other subsequent

Education modules can be easily done with Skolaro School Admission Management System

School and College Lead Generation System

Want more leads for your education institute with high ROI? Now make, nurture, enrol students, and measure admissions with Skolaro School lead generation management software. Leads Application is used to track leads for Registration from various sources. Once Leads are captured the officials convert them to registration.

• Education lead generation system by Skolaro deals in providing two modes of enquiry registration: Front office enquiry registration and online enquiry registration.
•The field structure in the enquiry registration panel is dynamic and defined as per client needs which include student details, enquiry details, admission mode, course, family details, etc.
••Though these enquiries are registered from two different sources, front office and online, enquiry logs are categorically organized and maintained into the database reference-wise, agent-wise, etc.

Special Features:
•Easy to use education leads generation service
•Capture complete details of student enquiry
•Saves time
•Covers all of the walk-ins, phone, email and website enquiries
•Support for all enquiry follow-up
•Report of enquiry records


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