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It’s Time to Digitize All Operations with Skolaro School Management ERP System Software

Skolaro is complete software for schools‎ which is very stress-free to retrieve promptly online accurate reports. As this time is to automate everything for streamlining all class students, faculties, courses, library, transport, examinations, report cards and fees better in a proper ways. So schedule your demo now for Skolaro school management system software for bringing a complete automation and digitization of all basic operations.

Student registration and enrollment management system by Skolaro is a exclusive and perfect for schools, colleges, academic institutes, coaching institutes, training centers and universities which is successfully intended for ease of use and suppleness. Now it is suitable to register the enquiry of the student, manage admission, defining particular courses, define fee structure, fee schedules, succeed scholarships, and collect fees etc. which supports a lot in reducing lot of manpower cost and processes with all paper less management to preserve student personal and historical data in a complete proper way.

Skolaro one of the best admission management systems deals in offering a complete simplified application process by sinking human effort and exterminates duplicity in data. It allows accomplishing the admissions of all the students naturally along with student’s basic details, family details, transfer and birth certificate etc.

Skolaro Administrative applications help to reorganize processing of education. As the only integrated suite for all administrative applications that connect with its corresponding LMS and Assessments Platform, it provides the only solution created in this century to bring together administration like never before. It is complete integrated best school administration management software which is architecture on single web-based platform which allows students for achieving all outcomes with operative management of day-to-day operations.

Skolaro is completely developed to support schools, colleges and universities to not only progress administrative workflows, but also to nurture their students across all stages of their learning journey with easy collaboration and sharing of information between teachers, parents and students.
Now bring your students one step closer to success by creating the right learning environment for them

•             Authoritative and effective administration
•             Great time saving automation and intelligent in-built workflows.
•             Enable effective communication
•             Implementation of effective school-wide communication
•             Customize student examinations report cards, schedules and much more with our grading software.
•             Complete grading system
•             Grading and Examinations
•             Dynamic Skills
•             Term end report card
•             Hassle-Free Report Card Printing
•             Informal Parent Access to mobile app

Skolaro school ERP system is groundbreaker in field of education channel which is properly incorporated with mobile application. 


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