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Skolaro School Progress Report Card Software – Best Platform Engineered for Proper Management & Administration!

Skolaro is one among collective and modern integrated platform specially engineered for school running & administration with complete ease and affordable price. Skolaro school progress report card software is only one ideal place for powering with great comfort level for all educational institutes for building a good communication between admin, staff, teachers, students and parents. It is provided to user with simple & easy to work access which excellently works anywhere and all time, on cloud, reasonable, supple, accessible secured dashboards. Check out some of basic and important module for normal functioning and automating daily tasks:

Hostel Management
This application helps colleges/universities to manage various activities in the hostel such as it has the:

Facility for capturing the infrastructure in the hostels including following
  • ·         Rooms
  • ·         Floors
  • ·         Internet/ Wi-Fi etc.
  • ·         Mess details
  • ·         Facility to configure rules for allotment of rooms in the hostel
  • ·         Facility for automatic generation of room allotment details
  • ·         Facility to create various roles in the hostel and provide access to the hostel related information
  • ·         Facility to enter various hostel charges in the system
  • ·         Generation of hostel related reports like
  • ·         Hostel Payment related reports
  • ·         Room Allotment reports
Library Management
Library Management system and software application used to manages the catalog of a library.  This helps to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed.

Library Management application offers an intuitive interface to manage the department wise and the central Library facility in the College application. The application allows the librarian to maintain and update the media stock in the library, defining the media type and languages, providing accession code to media, marking the media state, creation of library members along with issuing and return management of media from students and staff across all the departments – which includes late fine and media damage fines. The application seamlessly integrated with Library automation hardware that includes Bar-code readers and similar hardware. Application has a facility to issue books, check the due submission date, penalty etc.

Help Desk Management/ Ticket Management
Application can be used by different stakeholders such as students/parents/teachers/school admin who can go to the application and report a problem they would like to report. The ticket is routed to various people in the organization who can act on it and then once the ticket is resolved, it can be returned to the parent. College/University/School Admin user can see the status of all tickets within the school and organization user can see status of tickets within all of their schools/colleges/universities.

Features of the Module:
·         It has a has a functionality for setting service level and resolution time for any problems
·         Application has a functionality for manual and auto-escalation of the problem
·         It has a facility to categorize problems / issued based on severity

Parent Dashboard
Skolaro parent portal is designed for keeping parents up to date with the progress made by their ward across all the subjects. The Parent portal offers parents an effective platform to monitor their wards and remain informed on activities relevant to the ward by getting an access to the assignments given, examination result, attendance, and fee payments done in the past via invoices and fee ledgers while at the same time get alerts related to absenteeism, and facilities like paying the fee online amongst many other user friendly features.

Curriculum Management
This application facilitates academic heads to manage curriculum delivery at the institute. Creation of curriculum plan by subject teachers on a weekly / monthly frequency with timely alerts to HOD's

System should have provision of the following for the faculty:
  • ·         Online Unit Management
  • ·         Plan Syllabus Coverage
  • ·         Daily Syllabus Coverage

Internal Examination, Evaluation and Results
This module will include examination lifecycle services with respect to examination form processing for Schools/Colleges such as student registration, result processing such as online availability of student result etc. This module will handle processing of all examinations. Automation of pre-examination processes such as exam forms management, printing Admit cards/Hall tickets, selecting examiners & paper setters and evaluators, etc. shall be taken care by this module so that it is called best school attendance management software. Marks entry through double entry system, exam attendance, result processing based on rules set by the Education Department, student mark sheet generation, online publishing of exam result, printing provisional certificate etc.


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