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School Student Attendance Management System – A Simplified Solution to Track Participation, Save Time and Effort

Skolaro provides smart and modern online student attendance management software which is specifically design and developed for maintaining daily student attendance in all type of educational organizations and institutes which perfectly facilitates to access the attendance evidence of all and particular students for specific sessions. The information is sorted by the operators, which will be provided by the teacher for a particular class which will support in entire evaluation of attendance eligibility criteria so due to this feature which make it a best one school attendance management system for proper tracking.

The main objective of developing and making online attendance system is to now completely digitize the old way of captivating attendance and generate the anticipated reports mechanically at the end of the session or in the middle of the session as per requirements.

Skolaro student attendance management software module and smart application is basically built for automating and streamlining the processing of handling attendance records which improves the speed of the performing attendance task effortlessly on daily basis. Now class teachers can easily get periodic reports to keep an eye on the students about regularity which supports for sending academic reports to parents about their child’s class performance and percentage of availability.

With this online attendance management system now it becomes very easy to all faculties to login to the system and with attendance choice for selecting suitable class, semester, session and subject. So faculties can simply handpicked the students name from the manual attendance sheet for particular session. This ERP for attendance system software is very beneficial to whole staff also because they can generate numerous types of reports and submit to individual faculties.

  • ·         Time Saving
  • ·         There is need to physically compile attendance for students or classes and entire reporting is done automatically.
  • ·         Data save can be edited later on.
  • ·         Daily record updated on parent app and portal
  • ·         Parents can easily access daily attendance record or a monthly calendar view of attendance.
  • ·         Role-based specific access
  • ·         Real-time reporting and analytics
  • ·         Get real time and dynamic access to child attendance status, absence and leave details.
  • ·         Reduce manpower work and decrease requirement to maintain register
  •  ·         Reduce postponement in attendance procedure.
  • ·         100% error free
  • ·         100% secure & safe

It is well known that a computer can work more competently as compared to human beings so with Skolaro school attendance management software work becomes very easy and also data accuracy is properly maintained where critical details can be accomplished in very short period of time which can be retrieved effortlessly and casually.

If looking to record and get report attendance of the students for each and every period, then class wise attendance can be fastly facilitated by this module which will show all the periods assigned in day to a designated teacher as per your school time table definition by top student attendance management software.

This module also allows yielding attendance day. Skolaro is the leading student attendance management system ensures comprehensive standardization of processes which in turn decrease costs & effort, greater accountability


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