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Smart Online School Management System on Cloud with Integrated Mobile APP by Skolaro

Skolaro provides a comprehensive solution for planning, delivering, and managing all learning events for both internal and external audiences with full security Learning management solution

Skolaro is reliable and trustworthy school management system communities help extend and augment the classroom experience to students. teachers and students can post various kinds of media such as files, video, and links to share with the class community thereby enabling conversations around the media. Teachers can post announcements, pictures and events on the class calendar. Students can clarify doubts with their teachers and the response is shared with the class. All this is visible only to students and teachers in the class. Groups are formed based on common course & subject where the faculty and students can interact in a controlled & restricted environment.

This module will have the following features,
          Online student profiles
          Subjects / Courses contents can be viewed by the student
          Students can view their daily /weekly/monthly schedules
          Faculty can upload the assignments
          Students can view the assignments
          Faculty can update the test/exam marks in the application
          Students can view their test marks, progress reports.
          Students can post queries to the faculty
          Faculty can respond to the queries/questions posted by students
          Student List With Export Facility
          Add, Edit, Activate and Deactivate Student with Photo & other Digital Documents.
          Faculty can create events in their calendar/timetable
          Circulars/announcements for faculty & students

Each user broadly categorized, as STUDENTS & FACULTIES will have a unique user id and password to access the web portal. Each user will be assigned applications relevant to them. Users will not have to logon separately to access different applications.

The Process:

The Process of Learning starts with registering through the school website. The student can fill the form online and submit it along with all other documents and photographs online.

Once Admission is granted, a log in id is created for the student for the learning management portal. The teacher can share the Time Table for their subject. The teacher can also make important announcements and share important dates.

Course Material Upload:

The teacher has the flexibility to upload the entire Course Material at the beginning of the Semester, or he can upload after pre-decided Intervals

They can share the following:

1.         All Notes
2.         Videos
3.         Classroom Recordings
4.         Presentations

All Course Material

Videos and Classroom Live Recordings:

There is a separate tab where videos can be posted. Links to YouTube or any other video site can be posted. The faculty can post relevant videos for the students to view it. The students can view these anytime they want. The videos can even be of lectures delivered in the class and recorded for the students to be able to view them at a convenient time or revisit the lecture in case of doubt.


There is a separate section where the faculty can post all the presentation, projects and other study material for that particular course/subject. The students can then download these as and when they like it.

Questions and Answers:

It allows a student to ask Questions in context of the topic/subject.

Once a student has asked a question, it is posted in the Questions tab, where either the teacher or other students who are part of this group can answer this question. The Faculty could simply approve an answer from another student, edit and approve an existing answer or just post a new answer to the question asked by the student.

Such questions end up being a repository where questions of past can be maintained to help students of future to gain from previous interactions between students and teachers.

Lockers (Documents):

Skolaro is best school management will provide file storage capability for students and teachers to store personal files online and access them from anywhere at any time. With this students and teachers won’t have to carry a CD or pen drive containing important data because all their necessary documents will be stored and available online. Files stored in File Lockers will be private to the owner of the files.

The faculty can keep all their content online thereby eliminating the need to use of pen drives.

Create and Allocate Assignments

Skolaro erp system for school platform allows teachers to assign work to students using the assignment application. Students can submit back homework using the assignment application if the teacher decides to accept homework solutions using the assignment application.

Else, students can submit homework in class itself. Similarly, teachers can create structured quizzes and assign them to students. When students submit the results back, the results are automatically graded and the grades are recorded in the grade book.


The Quizzes application allows a teacher to create a test either by picking questions from a question bank or by creating new questions.Teachers can decide marks for these tests, create timed tests, make them available on a certain date and time, have tests auto graded, make results available to students in their Gradebook and such. The application allows numerous configurations for quizzes that are created as shown in Figure below.

Online Submissions

In case online submissions are allowed, Teacher can also see all the submissions in his portal. He can download and check these Assignments

 Messaging Platform – SMS & Email, Alerts and Notifications: One-on-one or Group

The Skolaro online school management system platform can integrate with an SMS gateway where the faculty can send message directly or to group. There can be fixed template of the SMS thereby controlling the outgoing content.  The Students can also send queries to the Faculty in their Inbox in case they have any doubts.


Each Staff member and each student can access their Calendars which will have events scheduled, as per the various Groups that the Student or Staff Member is a part of.

Assessments application for teachers to record scores:

Faculty can use either tablets or the web interface to record scores for students. When ready, these grades can be published from the grade book resulting in reports being made available to students. This helps teachers to provide all the input at periodic intervals for students in their class.  
Once grades are published, they can be used to process analytics. The entire process of reporting is digitized in the user-friendliest manner.

Curriculum application for teachers to upload Content

Teachers can plan their unit and lesson plans, manage content required during teaching, identify teaching methodologies being used while teaching, and share lesson planning with their department heads, mark completion of lesson plans during progress in the term. Students can check their Calendars online .  All Newsletters and Documents can be viewed through the Portal


The Student get their own log in to view all their Course Material, Assessments and Grades
They can take Quizzes online and Submit them


Students can check their scores online, once the Faculty member has published them.
Marks and Result Cards can also be published online.

Centralized Dynamic Reporting Interface:

Skolaro provides a dynamic reporting engine. All reports can be created by a simple drag function. Reports can be of single institutes or consolidated across institutes. All reports can be drawn into graphical dashboards that can be personalized. The Dynamic Reporting Tool comes with a UI Designer where the School has the flexibility of creating their own reports.

All Reports can be created from the UI Designer for Reports as long as the data is in the System. Reports can also be created into Graphical dashboards if required

 Mobile Apps – IOS and Android

The Skolaro mobile applications brings information to your fingertips students get Alerts whenever:

1.         Assignments are posted
2.         Assignments are Due
3.         Marks are posted
4.         There is a Virtual Class scheduled
5.         There is a personal contact program in the Regional Center

                                           Go Green with Skolaro


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