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Use Skolaro for Increasing Communication, Profitability and Student Success with School Management Software ERP

Skolaro proffers versatile system with cloud technology, which is utilized by a number of schools internationally for systematic supervision, management and learning related tasks. Avail a broad cloud based ranging School Management Software ERP which is user friendly and is cloud online database wangled for various categories of independent and private schools for delivering the premier level of flexibility, exclusive experience, transparent communication, robust platform and customized design. Being a complete cloud-based software solution, we offers full guarantee, convenience and 24*7 accesses anytime, anywhere.

It is professional web-based school information management system with cloud based integrated database that connects complete school delivering smooth experience for students, family, teachers and staff. This particular application supports for improving the efficacy of the admissions office and drives additional applicants to website.

School Admission Management Software

Admission management system helps in improving the experience of your approaching applicants and which mainly comprises of flexible online inquiry form, provision for personalized application with online payments methods, accessible processing for event registration for open houses, interviews, shadow stays , corner for teacher recommendations with automated reminders.

School ERP system provides  a unique feature of online applicant dashboard with live application prominence, mandatory documentation review, teacher endorsement requests, application fees, test results and interview outcomes along with electronic applicant rating, evaluation and decision process.  Users can clearly view online enrollment and re-enrollment convention with purely flexible payment plans, financial aid selections, electronic signature, and online deposit processing, online enrollment and re-enrollment practices.

It act as influential email tool for sending and making email campaigns, automatic reminders, and corpus distributions along with ability for having built-in analytics and reporting tools with real-time information of scholars pipeline

Finance & Student Billing Software
School accounting software makes available a continuous, confident approach for handling accounting at with extraordinary levels of expediency for all application users.

 Student Information System Software
Student information management system (SIS) is the fundamental component which is one of the mandatory modules to be used in educational institutes with safe and protected cloud based environment to manage confidential student data and updated academic records with premium characteristics of School ERP software such as:
  • ·         Gradebook, LMS, reporting’s marks, comments, online grading system
  • ·         Tailored real time analytics and dashboards
  • ·         Flexible reporting system with latest data mining tool
  • ·         Ample scheduling module which suits perfectly to their specified unique culture
  • ·         Email and Mail correspondence with automated deliveries, personalized templates and transparent


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