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Bills Generation, Printing And Collection Has Never Been Easy & Foolproof Before Skolaro School Fee Management System Software.

Skolaro is one of the best ERP solution and option which is intentionally programed in accordance to work in proper manner to support for streamlining student fees collection through paperless way. Now with premium school fee management software eliminates entire manual capability with our user friendly system designed to be easy to use. Whether you are greatly experienced or if you have zero previous knowledge of accounts, users can effortlessly make changes to existing fee structures, creation of instant and accurate fee heads, receive payments and generate fee dues with negligible effort.

With school fees collection software users can even describe the type of fee be collected from a definite grade and supports in creation of a dynamic fee structure. It is designed to be capable to grip many diverse types of fee scenarios and will assist to formulate custom rules for payments or create new ones based on exclusive and customized requirements and can allocate structure to each student spontaneously based on their class fee structure. All of the process will takes is a limited click of the mouse and moreover print any fee form or receipt within instants when you choose our system ERP.

Fee Slips Without Errors

This modern application module is effectively eliminates the requirement for manual fee generation at time when you select our web based fee management software program.

Fully Customizable

Our fee collection system is fully customizable to meet your exceptional needs. Fee Heads & Fee Groups are distinct by the user and can admins even have the capability to define and formulate own fee terms and set value terms.

Doesn’t miss any student

Skolaro fee management ERP doesn’t miscue any student from being included in the pipeline for conforming any type of information.

Decrease Manual Labor and Support Go Green Propaganda

It provides a full facility to swift fee slips printing and collection process while keeping all histories for outstanding balance report. The whole thing is done in little clicks even for thousands of students.

100% Full Recovery Of Absence and Late Fee Fines

  By using Skolaro fee management system administration and staff is fully guaranteed to recuperate 100% fines including absence and late fee fines.

Dynamic Analytical and Real Timer Reports

School fee management system not only diminishes manual working efforts but also demand no efforts to produce dozens of analytical reports for having an analysis of payment collected and pending.


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