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Why do Educational Institutes Need Student Attendance Tracking System Software?

Make student security and program upgrading a priority with Skolaro a leading online student attendance tracker e. Let us provides a chance to handle glitches of tracking problem and give your teachers a relaxed way to track a student’s presence from a mobile device with this premium student attendance management system. It is entirely emphasis on making enriching programs with real time dynamic reporting tools which allow viewing which sessions are the furthermost attended hence offers more and more safety.

Parents and administrator now  get informed exactly about where their children are at all times and will be able to respond more quickly in any type of emergency situation where a child is absent from the class because they will promptly know who is on the bus, in class, or going between both. So it is not mainly only for attendance and verification purposes, but also proves to be very useful in case whenever it is required. Most attractive part is that it is reasonable and easy to connect and sustain. Each and every unit is also very practically priced and protects its students at a fraction of the cost you might suppose.

It handles automated control of attendance with the use of cloud-based biometric & rfid online attendance management software which is 100% sure for calculating suitable and accurate attendance data to assist schools for providing higher level of education to future generation.

Attendance software is totally reliable and accurate tracking ERP solution which extensively lessens the amount of time and effort obligatory to precisely track side by side providing convenient mobile access to teachers for both android. It generates fully customized reports, letters , reports on time and notice along with notify parents about unpunctual students and absence data by email, SMS & messaging.

 School attendance management system for student is having multi-level controlling capabilities with safe and secured architecture and individual role-based access enables institutes to provide a set of rights to for streamlining student attendance data and it will be safe, reliable and confidential.


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