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Features that You’ll Never Find In any Other School Management System Another Than Skolaro

In circumstance, the greatest advantage of Skolaro ERP is the real time nature of this custom application and its proficiency to empower the principal and administrators to clearly understand the ongoing accomplishments in the institution in various departments.With this single integrated school management system solution, educational institutes can now assertively achieve successfully both internal and external processes. It surely put emphasis on, the decision making competences of an institution which in turn will positively develops with our cost effective all time access web based application.

We fully understand that smooth running a school is actually not easy job because numbers of processes are there which have to be keeping in mind and look successfully. This particular application will delivers the tools to add value to concerned staff and teachers assisting to diminishes the operational costs as well as convey greater efficiencies in prevailing processes.
  • ·         Resourceful and productive work process
  • ·         Complete automation & rationalization of the functions which brings efficient work process flow
  • ·         Better control over ongoing operations in different department such as academics, administrative, financial, communicative etc.
  • ·         Regulation of processes for offering rapid access to information brings better control overall
  • ·         High ROI with Skolaro
  • ·         Get efficient processes execution along with heightened productivity which exclusively leads to high Return on Investment speedily
  • ·         Quick decision making competence
  • ·         Go paperless, easily generate e- reports just with click of a button
  • ·          Reduce repetitious task of entire administrative department.
  • ·         Effectively manages and automated library’s cataloguing, accessioning and circulation smoothly

According to knowledge tells that with this school ERP overall productivity and efficiency of an organization progress expressively through calibration and automation of processes. School management ERP will streamlines the critical process with just a button click and abolishes redundant manual tasks, authorizing the managers handle each and everything resourcefully.

With availability of dynamic dashboard it lets users knowing about real-time update of the accounts receivables, fees to be expected and amount paid, online examination schedule, making class timetables, timely homework allotment and submission by student’s, attendance tracking with accurate in and out time, staff payroll, library handling, transport, inventory, hostel room allocation, digital student progress, quizzes, assignment making, performance evaluation, report card generation etc. All are handles with the custom centralized database that the users could access by logging into the system.

School ERP system regularly keeps informing the teachers and parents about the enactment of a particular class student.


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